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SERVER #1 : 15x Solo PVP

15x resources. PVP. Kits, skins & daily rewards. VIP available.

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SERVER #2 : 5x PvE Zombies [MONTHLY PURGE]

Fun & engaging Zombie horde server. Fully loaded shop, giveaways, daily rewards & fun community with a laid back PvE play style. Quarries and Pumpjacks available for extra resources. All around chill and relaxed gameplay perfect for new players or players that just want to enjoy the game with out toxic players.

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Similar to server #2, but without the Zombies, No Blueprints & it has a monthly purge. Players get 15x resources, horses, minicopter's and a large map. Monthly purges take place on the Tuesday before forced wipe day around 9:30pm EDT & the server become raidable and PvP (chaos).


Online Store!

Store to purchase and obtain VIP status and other perks!

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coming soon...

Coming soon...

Maybe another server coming soon.

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